Goats Munch Fire Fuels

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RENO, NV - The best way to save your home in a wildfire is defensible space, but clearing all that vegetation can be expensive and time consuming. that's why one local farmer has developed a more unique method.

goats are the best kept secret in fire defense.

"They do an excellent job, excellent job," said Vince Thomas, Owner of Goat Grazers.

This is year three for Thomas' big gamble.

"My kids were raising different animals for 4-H. When we switched to goats, I realized that I did not need to go out an burn on my property anymore," said Thomas.

He turned his goat grazers into a business and since, it's been all wins.

"Goats eat everything. So when this was mentioned, we thought this was a very good idea," said Mary Anne Carrico, board member of the Sierra Loma HOA.

The Sierra Loma Condos back-up to an irrigation ditch. It's filled with weeds, brush, and trees. All flammable and presenting serious risks.

"What we are trying to do is reduce the fire fuel," said Carrico.

The goats get to work eating, chewing, and devouring just about any plant.

"They do have their favorite foods that they like, but they pretty much go around, they pick at everything," said Thomas.

As for the goats, they're pretty happy. For them it's a day full of eating and relaxing in the shade.