Giving or Greedy: Are Black Friday Hours Too Early?

RENO, Nev. - It's a day reserved for giving thanks, but greed may be taking over as retail stores plan to start their Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving Day.

Larger retail stores like Walmart, Target and Toys R Us plan to start their deals at 8 PM on Thanksgiving. The Legend Outlet Mall will open its doors early as well.

A manager at one of Legends' anchor stores, who declined to give her name, says the early hours are great for her business.

"Most of my business comes between 9 PM and 2 AM," she said. "Then there's a lull until around 7 AM on Black Friday."

Though the extra hours may be good for business, some shoppers are reluctant to get on board.

" I don't think they should be opening on Thanksgiving," Jody Henderson of Sparks said. "I think it's a day of giving thanks, and to go out and go shopping, I think it's too much."

Henderson says she avoids Black Friday, and thinks the early hours are taking away the meaning of the holiday.

"People don't give thanks, they don't spend time with their families," she said. "I feel sorry for those families that have to work. I don't think they get to have Thanksgiving with their families."

But you may want to hold off on your pity. Some retail workers say they don't mind the extra hours.

"Work is work especially in these time," Nic Diltz who works at Legends said. "Plus we get extra pay."

This is the second year Diltz will work on Black Friday. He says most of the people he know in retail understand it comes with the territory.

"We've all been in retail a long time," he said. "We know the earlier the better on Black Friday."

Diltz also says he still gets to eat dinner and spend time with his family before heading in for his shift.

But some shoppers who like Black Friday are hesitant to get on board with the early hours.

"I'm definitely going to wait until Friday," Summer Benavidez of Reno said. "I don't think you should skip out on your family time or Thanksgiving dinner to go get a deal."