Girlfriend of Accused Wal-Mart Shooter Speaks Out

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KOLO 8 News Now is learning more about John Dennis Gillane, the man accused of shooting three coworkers, then barricading himself in an office at Wal-Mart Friday.

Gillane and his girlfriend, Cheryl Rippee, were supposed to move in together today. The U-Haul was reserved and a storage unit was set up, but that all changed yesterday morning.

"I found out at my work station that he was the shooter and I hit the floor crying,” Rippee said. "’No, this can't be. This is not my John. He couldn't have done something like that.’"

Rippee originally thought Gillane was one of the injured workers when she tried to text him and heard nothing back. She says this comes as a complete surprise because they were supposed to move in together today. She says they last spoke on Thursday.

"We called each other to say good night,” Rippee said. “He told me he loved me, he told me to have a good day at work and I told him the same thing. And that was the last conversation we had.”

They texted each other Friday morning, before the shooting happened. Shock is still the one word that comes to the minds of his friends.

"It doesn't make sense,” Dennis Senteney said. “Doesn't fit into the way he acts, or acted. Obviously that's changed."

"I feel bad the people that were hurt and I'm sorry people were scared,” Rippee said. “But he's not a bad person. He's not. I just want people to know that he's not a bad person. He's not."

Now Rippee, like the Reno Police are asking why. There still is no motive, but police suspect Gillane was having problems at work. Rippee said Gillane hasn’t mentioned any issues.