Gingrich Campaigns in Reno

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RENO, NV - Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is asking Nevada Republicans for support in Saturday's caucus, depicting himself as a true conservative. Gingrich spoke to a crowd at the Great Basin Brewery in Reno on Wednesday.

"All of us are committed to defeating Barack Obama," Gingrich told the crowd.

Gingrich's campaign said hundreds were invited to attend. It was standing-room only, with some standing outside.

Gingrich said 97 percent of his donors are giving less than 250 dollars, making his campaign a grassroots movement.

"We're gonna pit people power against money power in this campaign."

"Mitt Romney can outspend us five to one every place in the country and I guarantee that's not a forum for him to defeat Obama because you're not going to outspend Obama," he said.

He said he'd favor a flat 15 percent tax on everyone, would sign an executive order approving the Keystone Oil Pipeline, and would repeal the president's health care plan.

He said he's creating "a conservative contract with America."

Gingrich said he's not giving up on Nevada, but acknowledges what could be a tough fight ahead.

"This is clearly a state where Romney last time has a huge vote, he has a big advantage here but none-the-less I'd rather come in first."

Gingrich also said he is "delighted" with his second place finish in Florida. He said he carried many evangelical and tea party voters in the state.