Ghost Hunting in Virginia City

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VIRGINIA CITY, NV - A group of ghost hunters is spending the weekend in Virginia City. Their first stop was the historic Fourth Ward School.

“We just had a really great experience there,” paranormal investigator Gloria Young said. “Virginia City has so much to offer and the people are fantastic.”

Young has been investigating paranormal activity for more than twenty years. This weekend she’s leading a crew that will film their encounters for a YouTube web series called "Amateur Ghost Hunters: RIP."

“We have this web series and there are a lot of them out there,” Young said. “This one is much different. This is more reality-based. It shows regular people trying to get into being a ghost hunter and what it takes, which is many, many obstacles; family, financial, lots of different things we have to work with to be what we consider a paranormal investigator. My role is as their mentor, to guide them and teach them tips and techniques.”

They’re also gathering footage for a DVD about Virginia City’s ghosts. It will be the second part of an installment that’s been popular in local retail shops the past few years.

Dennis Sheil has been with the group for about a year. This is his first trip to Virginia City and says it won’t be his last.

“This is an incredible place, I love it,” Sheil said. “I’ve heard wonderful things and our mentor Gloria has opened some doors for us and we’re taking advantage of it.”

After their tour of the school the group headed to the Washoe Club, Virginia City’s oldest saloon. Their focus was a room in the back called The Crypt. It used to be used as an overflow morgue. Sheil has an assortment of instruments he uses to determine paranormal activity.

“It’s usually a combination of evidence that you find, not one particular thing,” Sheil said. “It’s when you can corroborate different pieces of evidence that happen simultaneously that lets you know something’s really going on.”

Over the weekend the group will check out the Mackay Mansion, St. Mary’s Art Center, Silverland Inn and Suites and two area cemeteries. Their footage can be seen in upcoming episodes of "Amateur Ghost Hunters: RIP" on YouTube in the coming weeks, and they hope to release the new DVD in a few months.

There are plenty of ghost hunting opportunities in Virginia but Young says if you go, make sure to follow the rules: Don’t trespass, don’t vandalize and don’t steal.