Genoa's 93rd Annual Candy Dance to Make Profit

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GENOA, Nev. -- Thousands of candy lovers took a bite out of Genoa at its 93rd Annual Candy Dance fundraiser, but the event does more than just satisfy your sweet tooth. Take a closer look at its secret to success.

Once a year, the small town of Genoa throws its biggest event. With 350 vendors selling their homemade crafts and delicious treats, this year's fundraiser is looking to be a success.

"Between just bringing in great entertainment, bringing in amazing food, all you can eat BBQ, giving people a good time, then they come back next year," Jenn King, head volunteer organizer, said.

Of course there's the candy. It's every sweet tooth's dream; more than three thousand pounds of candy was made for this year's event and they're selling out fast.

"Every time I come, I spend more money, so that's the only draw back," on woman from Carson City said.

The Candy Dance accounts for 60% of the town's budget. It funds the parks, the streets, street lights and town events. This year alone, the town hopes to make at least $150,000.

"The food is the best thing. I always have something unusual. This year they have chocolate covered bacon," a Genoa resident said.

The unique vendors attract more than 50 thousand people every year, providing a little something for everyone, but it's the small town-hospitality that keeps them coming back.

"You run into everybody you know, so it's a nice thing; it's kind of like a little homecoming for everyone in town," one woman said.

The Candy Dance continues Sunday from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. and admission is free.