Gates at Burning Man Back Open After Rain

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UPDATE 8/26/2014:
Burning Man and the roads leading to it reopened at 6AM Tuesday, about six hours earlier than predicted.


RENO, NV-- Anyone going to Burning Man will have to wait until Tuesday to hit the desert because of rain on the playa.

As the Nevada Highway Patrol updates drivers on the closing of the entrance gates to Black Rock City, some local businesses saw an immediate impact.

Ken Walker works at the I-80 Smoke Shop RV Park and he is hoping to keep up with demand.

"We are actually double-stacking everybody in every lane,” Walker said.

When rain hits the playa it all turns to mud.

"It becomes real sticky, slick," said Sgt. Bill Ferguson with Nevada Highway Patrol. “Your vehicles can't get the traction they need to get going. It also causes damage out there to the playa which they are trying to avoid as much as possible."

But some burners are finding a silver lining in the delay.

"The nice thing about rain on the playa means it is going to keep the dust down the next few days,” said Trek Kelly.

For Bill Haynes the delay might work to his advantage as well.

"We don't have tickets,” said Haynes. “So we are looking for tickets. Because it is stopped up we have more people to talk to to see if they have any extras."

And some will take the opportunity to get the party started a little early.

"We are making friends, we're meeting cool people, we're setting up camp, we are going have some fun,” said Megan Ryan. “We are going to drink some beer and have a good old time."

As of Monday evening Burning Man’s Twitter feed said the gates are due to open by midday Tuesday if the weather cooperates.