Gardnerville Man Arrested for Allegedly Stalking Teen at Car Wash

24-year-old Edgar Oronia-Camacho
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A Gardnerville man, with a suspected history of stalking teens, couldn't take no for an answer.

A 17-year-old girl was washing her car at the Ranchos Car Wash on Kimmerling Road when she noticed suspect, 24-year-old Edgar Oronia-Camacho, watching and following her from inside his 4-door sedan.

According to the teen, Oronia-Camacho was nodding his head and honking his horn at her. She waved him off, indicating for him to leave her alone. Oronia-Camacho then drove into the car wash, and pulled into an adjacent stall near her where he continued honking his horn and nodding his head at the girl.

Not getting more than a brush off from the girl, Oronia-Camacho drove across Kimmerling Road to the parking lot across the street from the car wash where he continued to stare at the girl.

The teen now suspicious and fearful of her safety, got in her car to drive away but the suspect was not giving up so he headed back to her location at the car wash and parked.

The teenager, now fearing for her safety, called 911 via her cell phone and reported the incident to Douglas County Sheriff's Office dispatchers.
Following their advice, the teenager drove to the nearby 711 store on Tillman Ln, and quickly went inside. Once inside, the girl also told the store clerk what happened.

From inside the store, the teenager and the store clerk saw Oronia-Camacho slowly drive around the store building he stopped near the gasoline pumps in the front parking lot; which provided a clear view inside the store.

When the clerk went outside to confront Oronia-Camacho he quickly drove off.

DCSO detectives were able to obtain a partial license plate of the suspect vehicle, which led them to a home in the Gardnerville Ranchos.

Subsequent investigation of vehicles, clothing and persons present at the location led them to believe Oronia-Camacho was the suspect involved in this incident. He was subsequently taken into custody.

During their investigation, detectives learned that Oronia-Camacho may have committed a similar act earlier the same day, with a 16 year-old victim.

Additionally, it was later discovered that Oronia-Camacho was the suspect of a similar incident in 2010, although there was insufficient evidence in that incident to bring a charge against him.

Oronia-Camacho is currently being held in the Douglas County Minden Jail on an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) hold.

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Investigators are asking anyone who has been subject to a similar incident with a similar suspect or vehicle description to contact them immediately to report it. Persons may call the DCSO Investigations Office main line at 775-782-9905.