Fundraiser Planned After Carson Shooting

Police outside the shooting scene. (Courtesy Charles Clifton/ KOLOTV)
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"As long as there are boots on the ground as long as there is a need to support of our troops wherever they are and their families, that's my mission," PJ DeGross said.

It's a mission PJ DeGross was on long before the deadly shooting at Carson City's IHOP. Often planning efforts to support the troops, when she head about the four people killed, she knew she had to do something to help.

At Jimmy Gs Cigar Bar on Friday the twenty-third, a fundraiser will be held, with proceeds benefiting the families of the four lost, DeGross said.

"We need to heal and I think by doing this kind of activity the community coming out, taking care of our own I think it's going to be a cathartic thing and a healing thing."

She said the owners of Jimmy Gs were out of town when the shooting happened, and after hearing of the tragedy, were fast to offer this venue. Degross said they also recruited her their friends to help put a benefit together.

"It's right here at home it's a tragedy and this is a great opportunity to try to help those families," Pam Lee, a friend of the owners, said.

There are plans for DJs, a raffle, special drinks and cupcakes will be sold in honor of Sgt. First Class Miranda McElhiney, who had a passion for baking.

"It's something so sad that happened to Carson City the soldiers that gave their lives for us and that innocent lady, all I want to do is help them out," Emcee Anthony Gayner said.

"It doesn't matter who you are, what race, what religion, it's Carson people getting together and saying: 'let's take care of our own,'" DeGross said.

Degross also said she is looking for people to bake cupcakes to be sold. The event is September twenty-third at seven p.m.