Friends of Accused Wal-Mart Shooter React

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Friends of John Dennis Gillane call Friday’s incident disturbing, and say this is not the man they know. A lot of people would call Wal-Mart a workplace; others call it a place where friends gather. We’re told the employees there are very close, almost like a family. That is why Friday’s shooting came as a complete surprise.

"It doesn't make sense,” Dennis Senteney said. “It doesn't fit into the way he acts, or acted."

Senteney has known Gillane for about eight years. He calls him a friendly guy, who doesn’t take things too seriously.

“A regular guy,” Senteney said. “Just didn't seem like the type. It seemed like everything rolled off his back."

Senteney said the Wal-Mart employees are like a tight family. Now one friend is accused of shooting three others and faces three counts of attempted murder. As police investigate a motive, Senteney said it may have been because work is slim at the superstore, and that employee hours are being cut back.

"Maybe it just kept building up until finally you can only handle so much steam before you're gonna pop,” Senteney said. “And I think that's what happened."