Free Microchipping For Animals

Dozens of dogs and cats are currently boarded at Washoe County Animal Services. Some of them may have lost their way from home and are waiting for their rightful owner to come pick them up.

But if they had a microchip, they could be turned over almost immediately.

“Microchipping can help your dogs, or cats or whatever a lot.” says 9 year old Carlie Sheridan.

Carlie knows what she's talking about, her cat Splash went missing in Cold Springs.

Animal Control called her family a year later saying they had found the cat in Sun Valley.

They were able to locate the Sheridans because Splash had a microchip.

On Monday, Carlie her mom and others, were on hand to let people know about Animal Control's free microchipping program.

All this year the county service will be offering free microchipping to dogs, cats, horses, and any other animal that could benefit from the identification program.

Clinics too are scheduled around Washoe County so chipping an animal will be more convenient.

The county hopes to microchip 5000 animals by year's end

The microchip program could cost the county up to $30,000, but officials here say they could save up to $70,000 dollars in vet care, food and board when animals are more readily matched with their owners.

Washoe County Animal Services says besides free microchpping throughout the year, they'll also be waiving late fees for dog licenses during that same period of time.