Free Health Clinic This Weekend

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RENO, NV - The Affordable Care Act was supposed to provide easy access to healthcare for all Americans, but still today, many people don't have the funds needed to see a doctor. That's why a health fair this weekend is expected to draw a crowd of more than a thousand people to Hug High School.

Doctor Richard Dragon is one of hundreds of volunteers donating their time to patients this weekend.

"They can't afford the dentistry and we know that and we are trying to address that on every avenue," said Dragon.

Dental care ranks among the top in services people hoping to get this weekend. doctors are looking to make a patient's pain go away.

"A lot of these guys here are taking teeth out because that's what the patient is here for and that is what we can do in this situation," said Dragon.

There are doctors for general health. Also offered are vision services. Patients have their eyes checked, they pick out a frame and their glasses are made on the spot so they're seeing better by the end of the day.

"Whether it be in vision or in general health, that's what we are here for, we want to relieve the suffering of that person," said Ron Brewer, who travels across the country with RAM or Remote Area Medicine. It's an organization originally set up to provide care to people in Africa.

"Needless to say, the continental United States turned out to be one of those third world countries," said Brewer.

This event wouldn't be possible without RAM. But, because they are an out of state organization, they were illegal in Nevada until last year. The legislature saw the need for licensed volunteers from other states, and allowed it in their last session.

The event continues this weekend at Hug High School. Services start at six in the morning both days, but be sure to show up early to guarantee a spot.

If you're a doctor, including optometrist or dentist, your help is needed. Organizers say just show up, all the equipment you need is already there.