Fraternity Delivers Singing Valentines

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RENO, NV - It is, we imagine, a little like suddenly finding yourself in an episode of "Glee."

A chorus of guys suddenly singing to you--you alone. A happy surprise? You only have to look at the faces of those on the receiving end.

The members of the Phi Mu Alpha fraternity have been staging these ambushes for years. As you might imagine, they're especially busy each year at this time.

Actually we caught them this afternoon in between scheduled gigs, but wasting no opportunity to stay in tune and spread the love.

They were singing to just about any girl they found. The girls are getting a freebee, but loving it.

Someone booked and paid for an appearance for Teresa Payne and it lands in the middle of her Global Environmental Policies class. No one, her professor included seems to mind the interruption.

Teresa was, in turns, surprised, confused, embarrassed and blown away.

"They asked if Teresa Payne was here and I said 'That's me.' They asked me up to the front of the class and just started singing."

She's also intrigued. This valentine was sent by a secret admirer.

"I don't know who sent it, but I think I'll find out."

Not everyone in the chorus is a music major. Members of this chorus actually come from various areas of study. Some are future engineers or economists. They are, however, united by a love of what they do.

And it's all for a good cause. The proceeds go to support scholarships. They are available year round. Contact information is on this website under "Hot Topics."

Teresa Payne's secret admirer paid $15 dollars for this appearance. It would be $25 if delivered off campus as many are.

The impact--- priceless.