Four Objects Described as 'Promising Leads' in Search for Jetliner

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PERTH, Australia (AP) - An Australian pilot involved in the search for the Malaysian jetliner says his crew spotted some "promising leads" Sunday. He says they saw at least four orange objects that were more than 6 feet in size.

They dropped a GPS buoy so that ships can investigate what the objects are.

Earlier, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said the only objects retrieved from the Indian Ocean so far turned out to be "fishing equipment and other flotsam" unconnected to the Malaysia Airlines plane.

The search zone lies in a shipping lane where sea trash is common.

Nine aircraft and eight ships were involved in the latest search of the waters off western Australia.

An Australian warship is on its way with a U.S. device that detects "pings" from airline flight recorders is on its way. Officials say the ship won't reach the search area for another three or four days.

The Boeing 777 disappeared March 8 while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people aboard.