Former Siena Workers Start New Business

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The Krumblz eatery opened less than two weeks ago off Giroux and 2nd Street in Reno, but it's already got regulars.

"I've been here three times," says Sylvia Robson, who was eating at the restaurant on Tuesday.

These customers say they come here because of the location. It's close to where many work at Renown. They also come because of who is in charge in the kitchen: some of the best chefs in Reno.

Eduardo Quevedo is one of the co-owners. He used to be the pastry chef at the Siena. The other co-owner is Juan Villa. He used to be the executive chef at the Siena. He says, back in January, he saw that the Siena was struggling.

"At the time, there were some problems going on at the property and that gave me the idea to start my own business," says Villa.

The orders are already stacking up. But for the owners, it's not just about getting back on their feet. Half of the restaurant staff: former employees of the Siena.

"It's a great feeling and the people that we hired really appreciate it and they're really happy that we're able to offer them a job here," says Villa.

Customers say that's a sweet move in this economy.

"It's awesome," says Katherine Messinger, who was having lunch with a friend. "It's really cool to bring them over here and get something good started."

"I like to see them keep everything local like that," says Ben Barnes, who works right across the street at Renown. "Puts a good flavor in the area and Renown's right across the street so I can come over here any time, get some food. It's really nice."