Former Students Remember Michael Landsberry

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SPARKS, NV -- He was a father, a husband, a beloved teacher and now a hero. However, it was how Michael Landsberry reached out to students that people remember about him the most.

"He's a hero and frankly, going to be missed, one of our most popular teachers," Pedro Martinez, Washoe County School District Superintendent said.

The eighth grade math teacher and coach dedicated most of his time at school. For fourteen-year-old Macyn Elquist, she wouldn't have passed middle school without him.

"I almost failed my 8th grade algebra class, if it wasn't for him," she said. "I wouldn't have gotten up from an F to an A."

Now a freshman at Damonte Ranch High School, Elquist was in denial when she first heard news that her favorite teacher had been shot and killed.

"I was at lunch when I found out and of course no one from my high school went to Sparks with me last year," she said. "No one knew what i was feeling. I was bawling. It was insane."

Thousands of supporters have spread their condolences to Michael Landsberry on Twitter and Facebook, sharing their favorite memories of the quirky math teacher and how he impacted lives.

Oliver Mendoza tweeted: "Man, having Mr. Landsberry for 8th grade was absolutely the best! Still can't believe what happen. R.I.P."

Celine Vallejo tweeted: "Rip Mr. Landsberry you are a hero and you will always be missed at sparks middle school you were my favorite math teacher you made math so much fun and {taught} us so much I wish you could have been here for the rest of the year rest in peace."

Nessa Jimenez tweeted: "Mr. Landsberry was the only one who told me that I was able to do it ... That who actually tried his best to help me pass my math class, the one who had patience for me ...THE ONE WHO BELIEVED IN ME '!!!! R.I.P Mr landsberry ....<'3 I Just really wanna cry right now .. All my prayers go to you '!!!!<33"

"He just loved Batman, he had Batman stuff hanging all over his room, he wore Batman shirts to school," Elquist remembered. "He just loved Batman."

His love for the superhero was surpassed by his determination to help his students succeed; It earned him the respect he wanted and deserved.

"He was one of those teachers; it was a love-hate thing. He was a good dude and people loved him, but he was a hard teacher and they hated that, but it all came together," Darin Elquist, Macyn's father said. "It was that magic potion that we look for in our teachers. He could get through to our kids, he could teach the kids; he was their teacher, not their buddy."

"He taught me that middle school could be fun, you just got to look around a bit," Kacie Nicholas, another former student, said.