39 Employees Affected When JC Outlet Store Closes

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SPARKS, NV - The JC's 5-Star Outlet store on Glendale Avenue in Sparks is closing soon.

A company spokesman says the store that used to be a JC Penney's outlet store will likely shut down after Christmas, but it depends on how long inventory lasts. The plan is for all 15 stores across the country to close at the same time. 39 local employees will be out of work when that happens.

The store's parent JC Penney has been undergoing financial difficulties that led to the store changing names and focus in 2012.

KOLO sister station WIFR in Illinios reports 1400 jobs are being lost nationwide.

Wednesday, October 2, 5-Star Outlet locations will begin a clearance sale, offering heavy discounts above the already discounted outlet prices.