Flash Floods Hit Spanish Springs

Flooding in Bridle Path neighborhood/Courtesy Kimberly Sundstron
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SPANISH SPRINGS, Nev.--The rain came down hard and it came down fast Monday afternoon. So much water inundated Spanish Springs neighborhoods, they started to flood.

"The creek filled up, the culvert under the road wouldn't handle it, the water started flowing into the road," said Rick Sater.

He and his wife Dana just moved to Nevada from the East Coast where they survived Superstorm Sandy. There they lost a truck, here their brand new backyard was destroyed.

"It just kinda washed away, we suffered our neighbors suffered much more than we did," said Rick Sater.

In most cases, it was lower elevation properties that were hit the hardest. Rainwater followed the path of least resistance which was downhill.

If it was not rain, it was hail. Bella Oaks Court got the brunt of it. On Monday night, there was two feet of hail stacked up in residents front yards.

"When you walked through it was mid quad, three to four feet deep," said Jacob Zugel, a resident on Bella Oaks Court.

The hail came first, then rain washed it downhill. Witnesses say, like a glacier.

"Low and behold, a big old flood came through here and it blocked the drainage, so it just drained into the street," said Zugel

A block away on Bennedict Street, Terry Penman was digging out.

"I am in a low spot so it was just trying to find a way out," said Penman.

He arrived home Monday night to find his house surrounded by hail.

"It was 2.5 feet thick, like over here by the trailer, all along this whole front area," said Penman as he surveyed his driveway, garage and front yard.

The destruction is widespread in Spanish Springs and it will take day to clean up the mess that was created in just a few hours.

Flooding in Bridle Path area of Spanish Springs/Courtesy Kimberly Sundstron