Flash Flood Leaves Wake of Damage & Debris

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MINDEN, NV - Families in Douglas County are digging out again after a flash flood Wednesday night left a wake of damage and debris. "It sounded like a freight train was coming down the middle of the canyon," explains Matt Beaty, who lives along Pine Nut Creek. "I came outside, or I attempted to come outside, and as I got into the front room we were standing in 4 to 6 inches of mud."

The Beaty family worked furiously to keep the mud from coming in but it was a losing battle. It saturated their carpet and left marks on the walls. Kristina Beaty called for help, but flood waters cut off roads to their home and they were forced to shelter in place.

This morning the family was shocked to see the result of the flash flood. Their truck had been pushed 50 feet coming to rest against a building. Flood waters even ripped the bumper off their car. Several chickens were washed downstream, and their pens were piled up with the debris wrapped around nearby trees. Despite the damage, the Beaty family say they are grateful everyone is safe.

The Douglas County Sherrif's Office is asking the public to avoid the Fish Springs area while clean-up continues. Residents in the flood zone reminded to keep an eye out for dangerous items, like propane tanks that may have been picked up and moved by the rushing water. For a complete list of road closures and restrictions, as well as information on well safety, please click on the link to the right.