Flash Flood Covers Minden Neighborhood in 6 Feet of Mud

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MINDEN, NV - It's going to take months to clean up. A Minden neighborhood on Monday continued the effort to fix all the problems caused by Sunday's storm and flash flooding.

The problem came from the mountains to the north of the neighborhood. A storm cell early Sunday afternoon hovered above and dropped torrential rain for about 20 minutes. All that rain flowed down the mountain, picking up mud and leaving behind a mess.

"It started raining, hailing, we were getting it on video. and then heard a loud noise and the whole mountain started coming down in our backyard," said Daylin Olson, who saw the debris flow inundate her backyard.

The entire Johnson Lane neighborhood was turned into a river of mud and debris.

"Never. I would never expect this to happen. Ever," said Daylin, who captured some pretty amazing video of what happened.

Hardest hit was the Olsen home and Mac Drive. It was left surrounded on all sides by mud which was in some places up to 6 feet deep.

"It's devastating and it really hasn't hit us. Last night we were out here working until about 12:30," said Deb Olsen.

The work continued early Monday morning. One of their first tasks was to get their cars free. Next, it was time to clear out a safe path to the home. Further down the road they will have to work on a plan to tackle the backyard.

The family's swimming pool is a perfect example of the extent of the problem. It became so filled with mud that it just blends into the landscape. You can't even tell where it is.

"We just gotta get rid of it because we are swimming in it right now," said John O'Day, who was referring to the mass amount of mud and dirt they have to deal with. There are several thousand cubic yard spread across the neighborhood.

"Our biggest concern at the moment is getting rid of this material. We have no room to put it anywhere," said O'Day.

"I think mud is probably hardest because it is so heavy and it ruined everything. Honestly, I don't know how long it is going to take to clean up," said Deb Olsen

Residents here say the only thing more amazing than what happened is the response. They posted about it on Facebook and immediately people showed up and joined the clean-up effort.