Flash Flood Cleanup in Spanish Springs

On Piedras Drive in Spanish Springs, the Juke Family has been working for nearly 24 hours cleaning up their front yard.

Coincidentally Piedras means stones, they along with mud and silt, about three feet of it cover the driveway, lawn and went inside the garage.

Go to the backyard and you can see where the water went, down hill where it met met up with naturally occurring drainage.

How could something like this happen?

A short but intense storm.

But there was something else.

A culvert was suppose to capture the runoff, but according to the county, the construction company that built the new roadway here left this cover on the drain to keep dirt from building up, but neglected to take it off.

“It was not removed so it just plugged up and caused a really big problem. So those are the kinds of things that, everyone is human. The contractor missed this. We are dealing with it,” says David Solaro, Washoe County Services Department Acting Director.

Our video from Monday shows where water came down from a canyon fifty feet below the non-working drain.

Tuesday county crews were busy along ditch trying to clear it of silt, mud and other debris.

Homeowner Vic Slaughter says it was a county worker on a backhoe that saved his backyard from complete destruction.
Slaughter built his wall brick by brick for a solid year.

Its amazing his wife Kathie says what water can do.

“Took all the mud , dirt, and rock threw it onto our grass and almost into our house. We are so lucky it didn't make house. What's next? Well we are hoping to go on vacation, but if we don't get this taken care of before vacation, it won't be a happy vacation,” says Kathie Slaughter.