Fitness Program Offers New Lifestyle for Women

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RENO, Nev. -- One of the most popular New Year's resolutions each year is getting in shape, which means gyms are getting fuller. A new fitness program that's tailored for women on-the-go is spreading nationwide and all started in Northern Nevada.

From running errands, to dropping the kids off at school, to cooking dinner, women often leave little room in their busy schedules for personal fitness.

"Women, we do everything for ourselves and everybody else but we don't think about us, so we need to take that one hour a day that is for us," said Nathalie Atwell, Kaia F.I.T owner said.

Kaia F.I.T (Functional Intense Training) isn't a typical gym full of strangers, but a community of women who support each other to accomplish common fitness goals. It personalizes the training in a group atmosphere.

"Guys like to go to the gym and like to do their thing and leave, but women, it's more than that," said Atwell. "It's the camaraderie, it's the fact that they feel we care about them so they want to stay here."

Each class is an hour-long and changes every day from core training, to balancing to strengthening. Women come into class not knowing what to expect.

"You kind of get butterflies in your stomach just thinking 'OK what are we going to do' but it's awesome," said Kristin Setty, Kaia F.I.T enthusiast said.

In just one hour of working out, these women burn up to 1000 calories.

"I've seen women who say, I'm not a runner' then a year later you see them running half marathons," Atwell said. I've seen women who've lost 80 pounds since they've been here."

Kaia F.I.T is designed for women of an shape or fitness level and it also offers nutritional classes and detoxing plans. The program doesn't end when class is over; it becomes a lifestyle for these women.

"I see more confidence. That's to me the biggest reward because, yeah, everybody wants to shed a few pounds but it's more than that, said Atwell.