Fitbit Offering Full Refunds: Wristbands Cause Skin Irritation

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WASHINGTON - Fitbit is offering a full refund to anyone who has a Fitbit Force wireless activity-tracking wristband.

Users can develop allergic reactions to the stainless steel casing, materials used in the strap, or adhesives used to assemble the product, resulting in redness, rashes or blistering where the skin has been in contact with the tracker. Fitbit has received about 9,900 reports of the wristband causing skin irritation and about 250 reports of blistering.

Fitbit Force operates as a pedometer, sleep monitor and watch. The company is recalling roughly one million of the wristbands with model numbers FB402BK, FB402BKS, FB402SL and FB402SLS.

Consumers should contact Fitbit for a full refund.

Fitbit contact information:
Toll-free at (888) 656-6381 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET daily and click on Recall/Safety Info on the right side of the page next to Terms of Use for more information.