First Lady Rallies Thousands at UNR

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Reno, NV - Before First Lady Michelle Obama flew to Denver to be with her husband for the Presidential Debate, she made a stop in Reno. She rallied a crowd of 3,800 at the Quad of the University of Nevada.

"Thirty-four days! That is how much time we have left and that is not a long time in any campaign. It is time to get started so we have got to turn all this energy into action!" First Lady Michelle Obama told a crowd at UNR on Wednesday morning. She showed up at the podium in the Quad just before 11:30 am for a half-hour speech.

There was a lot of energy during Mrs. Obama's speech. This was her first visit to Reno in two years. But this is a state her husband needs to win in November.

"As my husband has said, this election will be even closer than the last one. That is the only guarantee. And it could all come down in a few key battleground states. Like right here in Nevada," said Mrs. Obama.

As the crowd of Nevadans cheered on the First Lady, she spoke about how important it is to register to vote now. With the October 6 deadline just a few days away, she was calling on supporters to convince their friends who haven't yet registered.

"We only have a little amount of time," she said.

Her message was inspirational to students who have been knocking on doors.

"I've been working for an organization that registers people to vote, so coming here pretty much gives me the motivation to keep on going," said
Antonio Rangel, a UNR sophomore at the speech.

"Yeah, I've already registered my parents to vote," said Yareli Jimenez. "And I'm trying to get my friends to make sure they register to vote."

Students at the event said if the First Lady can spend one of her most important days here in Reno, they can spend more time trying to make a difference.

"Giving up her anniversary day just to be here and speak at this beautiful campus is definitely going to inspire more people to get out and vote," said Robert Simpson, a President Barrack Obama supporter. "So volunteer, make sure you get out and support."

First Lady Michelle Obama also touted some of the accomplishments of President Obama's term. For instance, the end of the Iraq War and 30 consecutive months of private sector job growth.

The event was public and free tickets were available to people earlier in the week. Most of the people in the crowd were President Obama supporters.