FireIce: Firefighting Breakthrough?

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CARSON CITY -- Is it the next breakthrough in firefighting? Makers of a polymer gel say so. Thursday firefighters from Carson City and Lake Tahoe were intentionally setting fires to test out 'FireIce.'

FireIce is a powder that becomes a gel when water is added, and the makers say it can help stop fires, and coat buildings to protect them.

"It's basically like a sponge so what happens when you wet a sponge it absorbs water," a FireIce representative said.

Firefighters did a test that showed FireIce performed similarly to foam being used now. However, the product's makers say it's much better for the environment and is non-toxic. While grants could help pay for the substance, Carson City Fire Chief Stacey Giomi says equipment would need modified to use it.

The company said its product is being used by firefighters in New Mexico.