Firefighters Urge Homeowners to be Ready for Wildfires During Drought

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RENO -- Firefighters are urging people to prepare for wildfires even though it's January.

"This has been one of the driest winter seasons we've had in a very long time," Reno fire chief Michael Hernandez said.

Hernandez, along with fire agencies in California, urged people to have defensible space around their homes now.

"We can't control what nature gives us and we can't control act of nature but we can control human behaviors and that's things like a defensible space."

The fire chief also urged people to be careful with barbecues and cigarettes.

Firefighters typically recommend 30 feet of defensible space, including putting non-combustible materials at the base of your home. has tips and information for homeowners.

The devastating Washoe Drive Fire destroyed 29 homes in January two years ago. Hernandez said fire season is now typically year-round.