Firefighters: Fireworks Led to House Fire

Photo courtesy KOLO viewer Chelsey Williams
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SPARKS, NV - Sparks firefighters are urging people not to play with fireworks after a house fire Sunday night.

Shortly after 8PM, firefighters responded to a report of a structure fire at 426 9th Street. According to a news release, they found flames coming from a juniper tree and moving toward the house. They put out the flames before damage was done to anything more than the outside of the house.

Sparks police interviewed a witness who reported seeing two people lighting fireworks in the alley behind the house, then running into the apartments nearby. A fire investigator found remnants of fireworks in the juniper bush, but the people seen lighting fireworks were not found.

Any fireworks that explode or fly in the air are illegal to have and ignite in Washoe County. The Sparks Fire Department says it will issue citations to anyone caught lighting fireworks in the city of Sparks.

Sparks fire officials want it known:
A dry winter and hot summer to come will create a very dangerous fire season for all of Nevada. Any type of spark from fireworks or other means, such as target shooting, mowing weeds with rocks, or improperly disposing of hot ashes or coals, could result in a devastating fire. The Sparks Fire Department urges citizens to use extreme caution this year and help the local Fire Departments in spreading the word about fire-safe practices when working outside.