Fan Malfunction May Have Started Stead Fire; Dog Still Missing

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UPDATE: Reno fire officials believe the fire was caused by a mechanical malfunction from a fan, but the investigation is continuing.

The third dog is still missing.


RENO, NV - A Stead couple could only watch as fire destroyed their home Thursday afternoon.

Robert and Ida Wynn had left for a brief lunch, returning to see their home engulfed in flames. They were losing their home of 18 years and most of their possessions, but they had a more immediate worry--the fate of their three dogs.

"They're our lives," said Robert Wynn, who added that he and his wife had no children.

They had left the dogs inside, but had left the back door open. Firefighters found one pooch and brought him out into fresh air. Some time later with mop-up well under way two others were still missing.

Then Ida Wynn spotted a county worker leading Daisy, their Golden Retriever down the street. She'd been found hiding in a shed.

"Oh, my God," Ida Wynn shrieked running to the dog, hugging her.

The joy of Daisy's safe return was leavened by worries about the remaining dog, an elderly Lhasa Apso.

"We've still got one missing," said Robert Wynn, choking with emotion. "He's blind, but I'm hoping he found his way out."

As evening fell, Reno Firefighters will still on scene, sifting through the ruins of the home, beginning the investigation into the cause. There was still no sign of the missing dog.

Duplex fire on Mt. Rainier in Stead, 6/27/2013