Firefighters: Damage Could Have Been Much Worse if Not for Working Fire Alarm

photo courtesy of Reno Fire Department
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Reno, Nev.-Firefighters say the daamage to a Northwest Reno home could have gone beyond a simple kitchen fire if it was not for a working fire alarm.

It happened Tuesday evening, the Reno Fire Department responded to an activated residential fire alarm on King Edward Drive in old northwest Reno.

When Reno Fire Engine 8 arrived on scene, crews saw no indication of fire from the outside of the home. Continuing with their investigation, firefighters were able to see a haze through the window and smelled smoke. T

he Engine 8 crew pulled a fire-attack line, forced entry into the home, and extinguished a fire in the kitchen while immediately conducted a search of the residence for any potential victims.

The home was unoccupied at the time of the fire and no injuries were reported.

The home owner arrived shortly after the fire was out.

“This incident underscores the value of residential alarm-systems,” advised Keckley. “

Without the alarm system this fire could have burned for a considerable amount of time before it was detected and reported by neighbors. One neighbor said that he was just thinking that he might be smelling smoke when he heard the sirens and Engine 8 arrive on scene.”

The Reno Fire Department would like to remind residents to make sure every level of their home has a working smoke alarm. Smoke alarms may be dependent on the homes’ electrical service and could be inoperative during a power outage. Residents should check to see if their smoke alarm uses a back-up battery and install a new battery at least once a year. All smoke alarms should be tested monthly.