Fire Victims Return to Charred, Smoke Damaged Homes

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Reno, Nev. - People in our area began returning to their homes. But when they came back to their neighborhoods, the sight was a lot different than before they evacuated.

The Grundy Family on Pioneer Drive in Reno returned home to find that the fire tore through half of their home.

"I took one look, and I kind of broke down," said resident Alayne Grundy, who lives there with her parents.

"It was shocking. It was very shocking," said her father, Dennis.

It was Alayne's side of the house that sustained the most damage.

"When you walk in this part of the house, it's not too bad. There's a lot of smoke damage, but the furniture is all intact. When we walked to the back of the house, where the real fire damage was, it was just shocking," said Dennis.

Even before damage assessment crews deemed the home uninhabitable, the Grundy's had already decided to move out with what's left.

They're going to put everything into storage and move into Dennis' father's home.

In spite of the damage, they're thanking firefighters for doing what they could. They say it was the Naval Air Station crew from Fallon that saved the rest of their home.

"Overall, we've been extremely fortunate, in the fire, in that we didn't lose everything," said Dennis.

One day later, Alayne says she already has a new perspective on the damage.

"It's just, it's all relative, you know. Things are things. But we have our family, and I have my dog," she said.

The Grundy's say they do have insurance, and they will rebuild their home on Pioneer.