Fire No Match for New Building Material

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RENO, NV - High fire danger this week may have you thinking about how to protect your home. Creating defensible space is one way to protect your house. If you're planning to build, a new material called FlameBlock may be the solution you are looking for.

In Reno, Thursday, builders and architects were given a demonstration of how well the product works. Two sheds were set on fire at the same time. Gusting winds caused the flames to swallow the untreated building in less than five minutes. Meanwhile, the shed made of FlameBlock barely showed signs of damage.

The material features a coating of non-combustible fiberglass-reinforced magnesium oxide cement, which gives you more time to escape. It also gives fire crews more time to respond. "On a day like today where we have a red flag warning, we may have more than one incident, and that would me a fire engine would be coming from farther away," explains Reno Fire Battalion Chief Dick Nachtsheim. "This might give us the opportunity to get in there and save things before you had major damage."

The product is more expensive than oriented strand board. However, using FlameBlock could eliminate the need for other labor intensive fire prevention measures. After watching Thursday's demonstration, many say they would consider using FlameBlock in future projects.