Fire Out at PSC Facility in Fernley

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FERNLEY, Nev.-- Fire crews in northern Lyon County took about a half hour to extinguish a fire burning in an industrial complex Sunday evening.

Around 7pm, there was an explosion inside the fence of the PSC hazardous materials disposal facility on E. Newlands Road.

The explosion caused several barrels of chemicals to catch fire, and put off thick black smoke that could be seen around Fernley.

As fire crews responded, they knew the smoke rising from the fire could be toxic. A chief on scene indicated they were always worried about this particular facility.

"Because they are a hazardous waste facility, anything they have here, especially in the way of fire, that could produce a toxic cloud or something is always a concern," said Fire Chief Darryl Cleveland of North Lyon County.

For that reason, firefighters made an exterior attack, staying as far away from the chemical as possible. They also wore respirators to avoid breathing in smoke.

When the barrels melted, chemicals leaked, but officials say they did not go beyond the fence of the facility. PSC has its own team of hazmat professionals working to clean up the burn.

"Now that the fire is done, any kind of toxic materials in the smoke has been remedied and resolved so I don't see any potential problems for the community," said Cleveland.