Final Push To Get Nevadans Enrolled for Health Care

CARSON CITY, NV - By the end of March, about 118,000 Nevadans should be signed up and paid for health insurance. That was the goal. But so far, only about 18,000 have accomplished the task. With a deadline looming, there's an urgent call to action by the exchange.

No doubt you've seen commercials on television--testimonials from people who needed health care insurance, and because of the health care act, now are covered.

But to this point only about 18,000 Nevadans have signed up and paid for health insurance.

That's a far cry from the 118,000 the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange hoped to have signed up by the end of March.

”Now we are moving into our urgent call to action at the end of the phase 3C of our campaign,” says CJ Bawden with the Silver State Health Care Exchange.

That means on all the advertising, you'll notice the March 31st deadline prominently displayed.

The exchange is using methods such as Facebook and Twitter to attract younger healthier residents to sign up for an insurance program.

But there are problems with the system now and questions arise: could it handle a surge in demand? We'll find out as the March deadline draws to a close.

And what if the goals aren't met and anticipated money is not forthcoming?

Bawden says the exchange could look at raising rates or cutting staff.

“All of those things will be cut down as they need to be to make the exchange sustainable by budget,” says Bawden.

Bawden says before the deadline, there will be a signing event in northern Nevada.

With more than 50 facilitators, a total of 500 people could be signed up for insurance by the end of the day.

Bawden says another signup event in Las Vegas is scheduled for March 29th at Cashman Field.

With approximately 500 facilitators on hand, the goal is to register about 2000 people.