Film Production Coming to Nevada

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RENO, NV-- It's a sign Nevada's film incentive program will be successful; a local casting agency is holding auditions Wednesday for a film that's set to be shot in Reno and Lake Tahoe in the coming weeks.

The production will take place entirely within the state of Nevada. Even though film incentives don't become law until next year, producers tell us they're building a framework now, so they can hit the ground running in January.

Lake Tahoe's tranquil waters, disrupted by a carnivorous beast.

"It's a thriller movie; it's being directed by a local director, Jerry Duggan," said Jeffrey Spilman, a producer with Reno Tahoe Studios.

'Shark Movie,' as it is currently being called, is set to begin filming next Monday in Northern Nevada.

"Can't disclose those yet 'til we have signed agreements but there will be some nice names up here. Names you recognize and you see," said Spilman

We'll start to see more Nevada film shoots; the recently signed SB-165 gives filmmakers a 19% tax break if they shoot their movies here.

"The idea of the incentive is to hire local folks, do business with local companies and have an economic engine here that is really generated by the film industry," said Spilman.

If there is any indicator that this business is here to stay, there is a massive studio inside the Reno Sparks Convention Center. It's the new home of the Reno Tahoe Studios that will be producing films in our area pretty soon.

"Being a Reno resident here, I of course encourage it because that way i don't have to travel down to LA or the Bay to make films."

Actor and producer Brain Perry is ready for incentives to go into effect January first; he says the coming 'Shark Movie' is the first step in setting up a production framework.

"The next couple months, you're going to see a lot of people staging to get ready to shoot next year because they are going to want see how that incentive will actually play out."

Incentive-eligible films aren't your backyard production. They'll start at a half-a-million dollars and move up from there.