Fernley Vandals Break 50 Car Windows in 8 Days

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FERNLEY, NV--In the last 8 days, vehicle vandalism has become an epidemic in Fernley. Deputies say kids are using a pellet gun to shoot out car windows under the cover of night. Police are stepping up patrols to hunt down the vandals who have damaged more than 50 cars since their crime spree.

Streets all around Fernley are littered with glass as a crime spree enters its second week.

"I thought vandalism, I really did... I thought BB gun or something right away," said Martin Alcala, a recent victim of the vandalism.

Alcala woke up Monday morning to see the rear window on his Chevy Suburban had been blown out. His granddaughter's car was also damaged.

"Unfortunately there are a lot of elderly people that live here in Fernley that are on a fixed income and they can not afford to have their car windows busted out," said Alcala.

Since the vandalism started last week, deputies say six to eight windows a night have been broken.

"Pretty much all the vehicles that have been hit have been parked on the street and their window facing the street has been shot out," said Deputy Travis Clarke with the Lyon County Sheriff's Office.

No one has witnessed the shootings but some windows are left with only a small hole, and indicator that a pellet or BB gun is being used.

"We're devoting more resources to catching these people that are doing it," said Clarke.

The sheriff's office believes the crooks may have a police scanner that is helping know the location of officers before they commit the crime.

"It is a trend that it popping up here in Fernley and the rest of Lyon County. People are downloading those applications on their phone and using that scanner to find out where we are," said Clarke

Until the culprits are caught, Deputy Clarke suggests parking in a well-lit driveway; the vandals usually only strike on the street.

If you have any information about the recent string of vandalism, you're asked to call the Lyon County Sheriff's Office at 463-6600.