Fences to Surround Washoe County Schools

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WASHOE COUNTY, NV -- The Washoe County School District is planning to surround all of its schools with fences by the next school year. District officials said the fences are meant to improve security, and keep threats off of campuses.

"(If there's a threat in the area) we have people ready to come out here and lock all the fences," Mary Vesco, the principal of Reed High School, said. Fences were put up at Reed before the school year began. Several other schools already have fences.

Vesco said the gates also help prevent students from walking into the street, instead directing them to crosswalks.

However, some parents said the fences aren't too pretty. "It looks like it's a bad school to me, but it's not a bad school," Tina Seve said of Reed.

School Police Chief Mike Mieras said the primary purpose of the fences is to keep people out. Mieras said it is hoped the fences will also help with truancy.

He said the fences are mostly paid for with funds from a rollover bond.