Father Charged With Infant Son's Murder

Mugshot of Roberto Diaz-Tenorio, accused of child abuse and open murder in connection with the death of his 5-month old son.
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Sparks police were called to an apartment complex at 1877 El Rancho Driver last Thursday evening. There they found a five month old boy non responsive and not breathing.

The father of the boy, 35 year old Roberto Diaz-Tenorio told them he had been changing the boy's diaper when he had suddenly gone limp. after he changed his diaper.

The infant was rushed to Renown Medical Center and as doctors worked to save his life, investigators began trying to determine what had happened.

The boy had no outward signs of abuse, but within hours police say they had learned enough to charge Diaz-Tenorio with child abuse.

Then Saturday the boy died and Monday an autopsy told a disturbing story of his brief life.

"He had a lot of hemorrhaging inside his skull, bleeding within the brain and some rib fractures," says Sparks Police Lt. Brian Miller.

Not only that those broken ribs indicated the boy had been abused over time.

"Preliminarily it appears that they may have occurred at different points. That some may have healed a little further than others."

Tuesday, the charge was changed to Open Murder.

Miller says Diaz-Tenorio has no known criminal record, but interviews done in the course of the investigation indicate a history of domestic violence.

The boy's mother was not home at the time and Miller says every indication is that she was unaware of any abuse. He adds she is devastated by her son's death.

The boy was the couple's only child.