Fast Drivers Were Main Cause of I-580 Crashes

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RENO, Nev.-- The weather that rolled Sunday stuck around Monday morning and caused plenty of problems as people tried to make their way to work. The Nevada Department of Transportation says they had plows on the road and were ready, but it was drivers that didn't drive according to the road conditions.

It's normally the Mount Rose Highway that's dangerous during a winter storm. But Monday morning plows kept the mount rose highway reasonably free of snow.

But on the roads not normally known for slippery conditions, it was a different story. I-580 was a mess Monday morning. A four-mile section between the Mount Rose Interchange and the Galena Creek Bridge saw nearly 30 accidents.

"Yeah we thought it was safe to start letting some traffic through and then they started crashing again so we had to shut it down," said Sgt. James Farmer with the Nevada Highway Patrol.

"When we have a quarter inch of snow, its just as deadly as 10 inches of snow," said Thor Dyson with the Nevada Department of Transportation.

NDOT admits the roads were slick, they were out there trying to clear them.

"We're going to do everything possible to keep it safe for the public but it's really a partnership we are counting on with the public," said Dyson.

The part NDOT says the public didn't help out with monday, was going slow. Traveling too fast for the conditions caused most of the chain reaction crashes.

"Even though the speed limit is posted at 65 or 70 miles an hour on the freeway, there may be times where you should not drive that speed limit. Its ok to drive slower," said Dyson