Fans Spend Record $119 Million on Super Bowl Bets

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RENO, Nev. -- It was a big weekend for Nevada sports books. The Super Bowl is the most important day of the year for them and this time, it paid off in record numbers.

"12 seconds into the game we lost thousands of dollars. I'm thinking 'oh this will be a long game,'" said Terry Cox, who runs the race and sports books at the Peppermill Resort Hotel.

That was just one of the many unexpected turnouts from the big game. A safety in the first play killed all the sports books in Nevada.

"Proposition betting is like maybe 30% to 40% of our overall bets," he added. "Most people still want to bet the game, bet the over under total. that's where a lot of people thought it was a low scoring game."

While it seemed like all the money was on Denver, Seattle Seahawks came out on top 43 to 8.

"Hardly anybody bet the Seahawks on over," said Cox. "The other bet all year long that beat us every week after week was Seahawks and under."

"Guess that's why they play the games because no body dreamed Seattle would win by that big of a margin," said Rick Murdock, the Eldorado Hotel Casino marketing vice president.

However, the big winner this year was the casinos. Gamblers spent an unprecedented $119,400,822 on super bowl bets. The last record was set last year when betters wagered $98,936,798.

"A lot of fans, even like myself, we bet with our hearts and if it's your favorite team, sometimes you make that bet," said Murdock.

A lot of those bets were driven by veteran quarterback, Peyton Manning and his record setting year, but with the underdogs taking the big win, casinos made off with 16.5% of the money--the most they've made in the last decade.

"In fact the last two or three years have been getting better and better every year," said Cox. "I think next year no matter who's in the game, it's going to be another record, I really do."