Family Pets & Major Local Events Don't Mix

RENO, NV - It's a hot afternoon at Wingfield Park, where residents are enjoying big band music.

It's all part of Artown, where the young and not so young get together.

But this event and many others do not allow dogs, and for some dog owners that seems appropriate.

“Well, for instance we are going to another Artown event, this Sunday; Pops on the River, one of our favorite events, and it would just create a lot of commotion. There are hundreds of people that are out there, and if you add dogs and alcohol and people, it's not necessarily a good combination,” says dog owner Kathleen Miller.

While Miller wouldn't dream of taking the family dog to these events, that's not always the case with other pet owners.

Washoe County Animal Control reports its calls go up during big events like Artown, Hot August Nights, Street Vibrations or the Italian Festival, where family pets are not allowed.

“Then what happens sometimes they will tie them to a tree in a shaded area, or leave them in the car, and here in Washoe County that is illegal. Of course here in the state of Nevada, it's illegal to keep an animal or pet in extreme weather. And in our summertime is when we have events, we do have the heat of the day, and that creates problems for our pets,” says Bobby Smith with Washoe County Animal Control.

In Artown the only dog-friendly event is "Art Paws", which is Sunday, July 20th, at McKinley Art Center.

The only other exception to the county and city code is a service dog, which is why we saw one little dog listening to big band music at the park Wednesday afternoon with his owners.

Animal control suggests leaving your dogs at home unless they are service companions or are attending a venue just for them.