Family Members Talk About Loved Ones, President Plans Visit to Newtown, CT

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NEWTOWN, Conn. -- We are learning the names and seeing our first pictures of victims of the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting. At the same time, President Barack Obama will travel to Newtown tomorrow, Sunday, December 16th.

Throughout the day, family members of the victims have been remembering their loved ones.

The father of a 6-year-old girl killed in the Connecticut elementary school massacre says his deep pain is comforted by the memory of how bright, loving and creative his daughter was.

Robbie Parker says his daughter Emilie was artistic and was always quick to draw a picture or make a card for friends. He says the world is a better place because Emilie was in it.

Parker was among the first parents to speak about the loss of one of the 20 children who died in Friday's shootings in Newtown. He struggled to collect his breath at first, much less to speak. He says he's not mad and expressed sympathy for the shooter's family.

Parker says, "She was beautiful. She was blond. She was always smiling."

Puerto Rican relatives of another 6-year-old girl who was shot had just moved to the U.S. two months before the shooting.

The grandmother of Ana Grace Marquez says her family had moved from Canada to Connecticut and enrolled the girl at Sandy Hook Elementary School because of its solid reputation.

Elba Marquez told The Associated Press late Friday that the family had moved because the girl's mother had been hired to teach at a local university.

Elba Marquez's brother, Jorge Marquez, said Ana Grace had a 9-year-old brother who was at the school during the shooting Friday but was not injured.

The family flew from Puerto Rico to Connecticut Saturday for the girl's funeral.