Families Visit Reno Street Vibrations Despite Shooting

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Friday night's shooting may have canceled Street Vibrations in Sparks, but festivities continued as planned Sunday in Downtown Reno.

Many Reno Police Officers were on guard, just in case there was any type of retaliation between two rival motorcycle clubs, the Hells Angels and Vagos.

Friday's shooting didn't affect the turnout at Reno's Street Vibrations Sunday.

"It has to be one of the best we've had, we're having so much fun," says Freddy and Austin Desotell, two young brothers enjoying Sunday's event.

The Desotell brothers may be to young to understand why Street Vibrations was canceled in Sparks. But, with the shooting aside, they're having the time of their lives.

"I can't believe how much different and amazing types of motorcycles have come out there today, it's pretty cool, there's like thousands," says the Desotell brothers.

People packed the streets in Downtown Reno Sunday afternoon. Whether they were checking out vendors, picking out the perfect t-shirt, or just simply spending time with family, most spectators seemed to forget about the deadly shooting between two rival motorcycle clubs, which left 51-year-old Jeffrey Pettigrew dead.

"That's really unfortunate that that happened we should prevent that from being able to take place." says Ronald Tangsrud a vendor at Street Vibrations.

Tangsrud has hauled this "Wildrose Boss Hoss" trailer to street vibrations for years. He says Friday's deadly incident really hasn't affected his sales.

"It's been a really good show for us, and we're really glad we came down," says Tangsrud.

Friday night's shooting prompted agencies around the state to increase patrol on foot, bicycles and patrol cars. Reno Police Officers were scattered around the event. They were on guard..to make sure any type of retaliation didn't happen at Sunday's event.

Michael Roybal made the trip from California. He says this year's Street Vibrations in Reno is one of the best he's seen.

"The band last night was killer and so were the fireworks," say Roybal.

Right now, it's still too early for the City of Sparks to decide the future of Street Vibrations.

KOLO 8 News Now spoke with Randy Burk ,who's been organizing this event for many years. He expects street vibrations to be welcomed back this spring and next fall. He also says Road Shows is going to work with police to do everything they can to regulate club activity in the future. Burk also says inside the venue...nothing violent has ever happened before. He calls this an "isolated incident."