Fallon Crash Victim Remembered

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"She was ambitious, she was outgoing, and she was fun," says Rea Thomas, of her friend Samantha Sibis.

Thomas says everyone loved Samantha, who was known to all her friends as "Sami."

"She had a funny laugh. Everyone has a unique laugh and she had hers. Everyone laughed when she laughed," says Thomas.

The two girls met years ago at Churchill County High School, when they were in the choir.

"She just lived her life," says Thomas. "She didn't care what others thought."

Friends still can't get over what happened Monday, near Fallon. Nevada Highway Patrol says around 5:30 am, Samantha Sibis was driving her Volvo east on Highway 50 near McLean Road when a Chevy pickup coming in the opposite direction crossed the center line and hit her head-on.

"Oh gosh the car," says Darwin Haffner, who saw the wreck. "The whole front corner of it, all the way on the driver's side from the front end to the back passenger door was almost completely ripped out. The pickup was off to the side."

The crash happened right in front of Haffner's flooring store.

"It was just horrible," says Haffner. "All I could think of was just such a young girl. And it was such a sad situation."

Samantha Sibis died at the scene. The driver of the truck, 21-year-old Justin Speed of Fallon, was taken to the hospital. Troopers say he had been drinking.

"There's no reason for him to be out that early in the morning especially drunk. What's he doing drunk that early in the morning?" says Haffner.

"I don't think even though he will think about it for the rest of his life; I don't think he will understand how much it hurts to lose someone like that," says Thomas.

Justin Speed is in the hospital in good condition.