Fallon Man Located After Water Search

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RENO, Nev.--Reno's Water Entry Teams raced daylight to search for a missing tuber on the Truckee River, hours after he was expected to return.

"On these hot summer days it is very attractive to get into the water, because you can slip in rocks, even in the shallow water you can still get hurt. When you are floating, there are a few spots that are very tricky," said Battalion Chief Bob Knoll of the Reno Fire Department

A Fallon man who was reported missing after tubing with a group of friends was located around 9:30 Saturday night, after nearly three hours of searching by the water entry team of the Reno Fire Department.

Emergency crews were contacted around 6:30, and told that the Fallon man was several hours overdue to return from a tubing trip on the Truckee with friends.

They said the man was in the Navy, a strong swimmer in good health, and had only had a few drinks during the day.

The search ended when the fire department was contacted by phone and notified that the man was OK.