Fallen Remembered in Fallon

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Fallon, NV - A monument to those lost was the centerpiece for a memorial held Wednesday in Fallon. In attendance: Nevada's governor, who spoke about how are world changed that day, and we're better for it now.

A solemn ceremony, it's been years since that fateful day but the wound is still not healed.

"All told, thousands perished that day, and today we remember their patriotism, sacrifice and heroism," said Governor Brian Sandoval.

On the hearts and minds of Northern Nevadans every 9/11 are all those lost. It's been more than a decade, but like Pearl Harbor, this attack is one Americans will always remember. That was a fact driven home Wednesday with a reading of a timeline of events on how the attacks played out and how our leaders reacted.

"It's important to me because so many people lost their lives in a senseless terrorist act, I don't understand why someone would do that," said Ken Tedford, Mayor of Fallon.

"I don't have words to describe that we have an original I-beam from the twin towers right here in Fallon NV and to come here and feel its power is an amazing experience," said Sandoval.

The foundation was laid for ceremonies like this one to continue in the future. School children not alive at the time of the attacks played a roll in honoring the fallen.

"They can spread that word about what happened in 2001, and then to tell their children what happened," said Tedford.