Failed Reno Parking System Being Dismantled

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RENO, Nev. -- Workers were out early Saturday morning posting "Out of Service" signs on the digital parking kiosks in downtown Reno.

The kiosks were part of a parking system the City of Reno contracted Curb System, LLC to operate. But almost as soon as they were installed, the kiosk system had problems.

Those problems included multiple failures of working kiosks including kiosks failing to accept payment. Additionally, the city received no payment of the shortfall or lost revenue - which totaled more than $800,000 - due to the problems, and the company did not provide a performance bond to guarantee the work or the removal of the system.

In March, the Reno City Council began a process to terminate the contract with Curb Systems, LLC, giving the company 120 calendar days to fix the problems. The 120 day window closed Friday night, July 12th, at the turn of midnight and the problems had not been fixed to the City's satisfaction.

Saturday morning, workers posted "Out of Service" signs on the kiosks, and Monday, July 15th they will begin installing the previous single-spaced meters in the busiest parts of downtown Reno. Those include the areas around the courthouse, St. Mary's hospital, and the main areas of downtown. It will take about a month to re-install the single-space meters.

Starting Saturday, July 13th, if you park in a space in downtown Reno and the space does NOT have a meter, you are NOT required to pay. If you are unsure, look for posted signs which will provide specific information. Time limits will be enforced for those spaces with posted time limits. Overall parking is enforced Mondays through Saturdays 9am to 6pm. Single-space meters accept only coins and cost a dollar per hour.

Next week, the city will release a "Request for Proposals" for a new parking system for downtown with plans for input on a city-wide parking system slated for August.

City officials say the need for paid parking has to do with a health flow of customers for local businesses. “Businesses have expressed how important it is for them to have parking turnover. The re-installment of the single-spaced meters will help them by providing that turnover until a permanent parking system can be implemented,” said Andrew Clinger, Reno City Manager. “Our focus is on helping businesses, not on generating revenue. We want residents and visitors to come downtown, visit the businesses, and enjoy our special events, while having a convenient experience.”