Facility Aims to House Mentally Ill

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RENO, Nev.--Across the state, almost 90,000 adults suffer from mental health issues. Reno resident Joseph Tyler is one of them.

"I was just getting crazier and crazier and I had no support," said Tyler.

At age 28, Tyler was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He found himself homeless and in need of care.

"A lot of people need support to remember to stay on their medications, they get on for a little while and then they get off… and when they get off, they get a little crazy," said Tyler.

Patients with conditions similar to Tyler's now have an extra level of support, The Park House is starting to accept patients this week.

"So this will provide an additional 21 places for those people as they work through their mental illness," said Cody Phinney, Agency Director at Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services.

The Park House will service mental health patients who are stable, but still need the support of professionals.

"The goal is for people to move toward a fully integrated life in the community," said Phinney.

"Some people may need to be here 4, 5, 6 years others may benefit from being here 6 months," said Peter Vogel with Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada.

Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada has experience providing recovery housing for people with substance abuse.

"We have been doing that for a couple of years, saved the community several million dollars. I think documented 4-5 million," said Vogel.

But the numbers are irrelevant to Jospeh Tyler, who is just happy less people will suffer like he once did.

"This is going to be so terrific for people who have no housing and who are caught up in the vicious cycle," said Tyler.