Facebook Planning More Changes Today

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NEW YORK (AP) - Facebook is tweaking the pages of its 750 million users. And for some, it isn't going over very well.

The world's largest online social network is expected to announce more changes today. It is holding its annual f8 conference in San Francisco for developers who create games and other applications for its site.

Yesterday, many users woke up to find their homepages altered, with what Facebook calls "top stories" on the top of their pages, followed by "recent stories" listed in chronological order. On the right side there's a so-called "ticker," a live feed of all the ongoing activity that also appears in users' news feeds. It's a kind of Facebook inside Facebook, if you will.

The words "new Facebook" quickly became one of the most discussed topics on Twitter. Many comments were negative, though some pointed out that Facebook makes many changes to its site and
people eventually get used to it.