Facebook Posts Could Make Friends Jealous

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UNDATED -- Facebook could put you in a funk.

A new study by two German universities finds that many people feel envious after browsing Facebook. In fact, a third of all Facebook users feel worse about themselves after surfing the site.

If you browse without posting any content of your own, you are likely to feel worse.

Researchers say seeing pictures of vacations, weddings, and other happy moments can lead people to be jealous of your life. Vacation photos are the number one reason for resentment.

Facebook users tend to compare how many birthday greetings they get compared to their friends, and can feel let down if their friends get more greetings.

Men on Facebook are more likely to post about accomplishments in life, while women post more about good looks and social life.

The researchers based their findings on two studies involving 600 people with the results to be presented at a conference on information systems in Germany in February.