FDA Warns Of Fraudulent Flu Products

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The Food and Drug Administration is warning people about fraudulent flu products sold online and in retail stores claiming to prevent or cure the flu.

Several letters have been sent to companies allegedly selling these fake products.

These scammers sell their products with claims to prevent, treat or cure the flu, even though they have not been tested and the FDA has not approved them.

If you do get the flu, there's only two FDA-approved antiviral drugs: Tamiflu and Relenza, both treatment options recommended by the Centers For Disease Control. These prescription drugs can help fight the virus in your body and shorten the time you're sick. These are the only two drugs approved to do this by the FDA.

However, the FDA says there are some online pharmacies out there selling the generic of these two antibiotics. The FDA warns, there is no approved generic for these two medications, any company claiming they have the generic is scamming consumers.

The FDA also went a warning letter to the company that markets "Germ Bullet," a nasal inhaler claiming to prevent the flu.

It's important to remember there are no legally marketed over-the-counter drugs to prevent or cure the flu. However, there are some legal over the counter products to relieve some flu-like symptoms. Those medications are approved by the FDA.

Here's some flu fraud red flags listed by the FDA:
-reduces severity and length of flu
-boots your immunity naturally without a flu shot
-safe and effective alternative to flu vaccine
-prevents catching the flu
-effective treatment for flu
-faster recovery from flu
-supports your body's natural immune defenses to fight off flu.

The FDA also warns of fraudulent online pharmacies. They say don't be tempted by an online seller that offers much lower prices than typically charged for prescription drugs by your local pharmacy.